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 the book God's Woman Unveiled.

 Proverbs 31 Footprints In The New Millennium

 The theme chapter of the book, along with the title would
 suggest that the book is meant for women.
Because it deals
 with a woman and her activities, women will certainly relate
 and learn from it. The book is,
however, not for women only.
 It is not a book on housekeeping and on being a good wife
 and mother, as many would
expect. Those are important
 things, but there is so much more to the real Virtuous Woman.

 God's Woman Unveiled is simply stated the unveiling of the
 much praised woman of Proverbs 31
as a type of the Bride

 of Christ. Though the lifestyle of this woman may seem 'outdated' to us, the book is relevant to
today's believers -- male and female -- because all of the types are presented spiritually, yet practically applicable to life of our modern days.

God's Woman Unveiled contains more than 31 chapters; each verse of Proverbs 31 has been expounded; not only verses 10 - 31, but also the first nine verses which are a normally overlooked part of the whole "oracle" or lesson, that King Lemuel's mother taught him (vs. 1).

Therefore, Part I of the book deals with Lemuel and his mother's wisdom on ruling.
Part II tells us of the woman she charged him to go out and find.

This book makes a great gift:

Mothers can learn from this book how to prepare their sons for life and for marriage. Smart sons can learn how to be wise, and what to look for in a wife.
Christian believers will learn how to rule as the kings Christ has made us to be.
Church leaders will see the pattern they are to train the church of the Lord after, so He will find a glorious Bride without spot or wrinkle when He comes to take her to His eternal home.
Everybody will learn how much our Lord loves us, and what a great witness each of us is called to be and can be for His glory.
Be sure to get a copy of God's Woman Unveiled for yourself and one to give away.

308 pages, and available in paperback and hardbound edition.

Note: The book was released in the second half of 2009. Here are small parts from the forewords in the book.

"If, just like me you are looking for a book written by a godly author with a timely message, then this book will not disappoint you.  I take pleasure in recommending this book to all the readers."

Dr. Franklin Jabini, Head
Undergraduate School
South African Theological Seminary

"The insights were not only crystallized by the Holy Spirit, but by one who has had personal experience.  The love life God expects us to manifest throughout our lives from a babe to manhood and womanhood, is one that requires a willingness to be groomed by God.  All these things were brilliantly articulated by the author."

Rev. Bridget E. Fontanelle, Pastor
Revealed Word Christian Center
Cambria Heights, New York

Some background information

Please be advised that this site is written in English for the benefit of the readers of the book and to have a broader outreach, but we are not native speakers of
English and do not have the privilege of any native English editor's services for this website like we had for the book. If the use of the language should offend anyone at anytime, it is unintentional and we ask to be forgiven.


Most of us in Suriname grew up speaking Surinamese Dutch at home and in school. It is amusing now, as I reminisce, that our conversations at home were often bilingual in the sense that my grandma spoke to us children in Sranantongo, and we students answered only in Dutch. We, the children, were only allowed to speak Sranantongo to people in the market place or in rural areas, when they did not understand Dutch. Sranantongo is the lingua franca that connects all Surinamers, regardless of their ethnicity, and sojourners as well.

The nation of Suriname is very unique. Even though we were once a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and we speak a European language, geographically we are South American, our population is largely of African and Asian descent, our culture is more Caribbean than European or Latin, and Suriname is a member country of the Caribbean Community (Caricom).


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